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Fire Emblem Asks



1. First Fire Emblem game
2. Favorite FE game
3. Least favorite FE game
4. Favorite character
5. Least favorite character
6. Spouse in Awakening
7. Favorite class
8. Least favorite class
9. Class you would want to be
10. Game with the best story
11. Sexiest character~
12. Character you want as your sibling
13. Characters you’d want as your parents


So I just found out about the prototype of Sacred Stones


and I still cannot get over these:

FORDEimage  imageHe was meant to be a ranger

KYLEimage image

EPHRAIM: image imageHe  was meant to be named Irzark (??)

L’ARACHELimage image

TETHYSimage image

CORMAG was meant to be a coin flipping mercenary.

TANA was meant to be a general of Frelia, not its princess.

AMELIA was meant to be the princess of Frelia.

INNES was meant to be a monk.


OH Wait….

I was tagged!!!

Rules: Just insert your answers to the questions below. Tag at least 10 followers.

I was tagged by My Wily

Name: Must I give this?
Nickname: Queenie, Poisson (Only One person can call me like that!!!!!), la folle, The french Flying Toast, Dingodile

Birthday: 16th of June
Gender: Female unless I’m mistaken
Sexuality: I’ll not say that
Height: Hum, Good question because I don’t know

Time Zone: GMT +1 (Paris)
What time and date is it there: September 20th, 16h17
Average hours of sleep I get each night: I don’t Count, It’s pretty random

The last thing I googled was: “Fire Emblem”
My most used phrase(s): “grave”, “Putain”, “Comment tu crains”…
First word that comes to mind: PAN PAN CULCUL!!!! (Lol)
What I last said to a family member: “A peluche”

One place that makes me happy and why?: My Studio… it’s my cocoon <3
How many blankets I sleep under: One.
Favourite beverage(s): ICE TEA <3
The last movie I watched in the cinema: The Hobbit part 2 (and it wasn’t THAT good.)
Three things I can’t live without: Not enought…. My pencils, my paper, my books, my music, my phone…
Something I plan on learning: Good question

A piece of advice for all my followers: Be yourself
You all have to listen to this song: Sword of mars
My blog(s): I have a lot of blogs… (FB, DA, etc…)

I don’t tag…

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