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I wanted to try a quite new thing on Sai. For first time, it is not too bad even if I find the rather mediocre result (I am a high-level pessimist) finally I feel reassured by asserting loud and clear that nothing is perfect.

For the drawing this is Tethys, the dancer from Fire Emblem The sacred Stones, a classy character and who, her, is not a stupid woman (Isn’t it Ninian?)

I hope you like it anyway ><

So I open no my color palette Challenge. So here on the picture palettes I purpose.

Only one request by person, and only one character per palette.

And if I took some time, just don’t worry :) i draw Traditionally, and I make a Digital color.

you can ask me OCs or fanart but only human please (I don’t know to draw animals ><)

Enjoy <3

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