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Heyyy o/

Here comes Eirika, the princess of Renais, from Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones :D

Yes last days I’ve played Fire Emblem The sacred Stones (but I haven’t finish it yet o: ) and I love the characters especially Eirika. (I love Joshua, Seth, Ephraim, Ross, Saleh, Lute, etc… too)

So I made a fanart of our dear Renais’ princess :)

seriously, I’m pretty satisfied by the way I did her hair and her eyes ^v^

And I hope you like it ^^


Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones fans, check this out!

Wow, it’s been there for over a year and I never saw it. The Youtube user 0rangaStang made an entire “Remastered” album of the original game soundtrack.
Sacred Stones isn’t my favorite Fire Emblem game, but that has no bearing on how beautiful the music is. This album’s arrangements of the game music is beautiful!

Playlist: Click here

Download links are in the video above.

Here they are for your convenience:

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

If anything, give the video a like, and promote them!

Because Recently I’ve played Fire Emblem 8 and I love so so much this game
The Original OST is pretty good, but this remastered One is… ORGASMIC!!!

Thank you 0rangaStang for this <3

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